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Guyra & District Chamber of Commerce
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Contact: Tim Cotter
Phone: 02 6761 3624

AusIndustry is a specialist program delivery division within the Department of Industry that are a key source of information and referral over a range of business areas. They work across all levels of government and reach even the most remote areas of Australia. AusIndustry:

  • delivers many business programs worth about $2 billion each year;
  • has customer service managers in more than 20 offices across Australia, including 15 regional offices;
  • it has a long-standing relationship with Australian business with more than 15 years’ experience in dealing with business and business issues.

Guyra & District Chamber of Commerce

Address: S136 Bradley Street, Guyra
Phone: 02 6779 1485

Local business chambers are a local not-for-profit business support organisation providing current and relevant information, education and training and networking opportunities to its members.

Guyra Shire Council

Address: 158 Bradley Street, Guyra
Phone: 02 6770 7100

Guyra Shire Council provides support for businesses looking to establish in the region.

Locals 4 Locals


‘Locals 4 Locals’ is a very simple concept. It aims to educate the consumer about the major role locally owned small business plays within the community. It aims to provide the consumer with an easy and visible way to recognize businesses that are owned locally and support the local community. All of the businesses displaying the ‘Locals 4 Locals’ stamp are locally owned, and employ local people. These businesses support local charities, local fundraisers, local schools and sporting groups. You will see these local businessmen and women working at many of the above events, for free, to help the local community and special interest groups. These businesses are not corporately owned stores where a large percentage of their money goes out of town. The money stays local!

New England North West Business Enterprise Centre

Shop 26 Hanna’s Arcade, Beardy St East Mall, Armidale
Contact: Mike Creagan
Phone: 02 6771 2556

BEC Australia is a not-for-profit organisation whose primary role is to support and grow the national network of Business Enterprise Centres and provide representation on behalf of its members to key stakeholders. The BEC’s services include:

  • Business information
  • Training programs
  • Business referrals
  • Government grants and assistance programs
  • business networking
  • Mentoring support
  • Business analysis

NSW Trade & Investment – State & Regional Development and Tourism – Armidale Office

Address: Suite 5 Ground floor, 175 Rusden St, Armidale
Contact: Peter Sniekers
Phone: (02) 6771 3284

Industrial Land

In 2013, Regional Development Australia – Northern Inland conducted a survey of councils in the region to provide an overview of the industrial land situation for potential investors. A summary of this information is provided in the following table and charts. Price information was derived from recent sales provided by a local property valuer.

Detailed data for each of the council areas who have supplied data on Industrial Land in a spreadsheet is available here.

Industrial Land Table

Industrial Land Areas

Industrial Land Prices

Council Zoning