Guyra Shire: Videos

Success Stories

Hear the stories of those who have already made the move to Guyra:


John has moved from the Northern Territory to enjoy the crisp relaxing environment of Guyra.


David moved from Sydney and is now a Guyra local

Bev and David

Bev & David are retired artists seeking a cooler climate and have resettled in Guyra; find out why they decided to Come On Inland.

General Information

Find out more about Guyra Shire:

New England High Country – Winter Moments in Guyra

New England High Country – Georgeous Gorges and Waterfalls

Northern Inland Innovation Awards Winners

Experience the Highs – Armidale Dumaresq, Walcha, Uralla and Guyra Councils

Winner of the Tourism and Leisure Category in 2012
Experience the Highs markets the newly branded ‘New England High Country’, using a brochure, website, mobile device apps and social media to promote experience-based short breaks, highlighting high altitude outdoor attractions to younger city-based markets.