Daniel Sloan’s move from Northern Ireland

Jonathon and Kathryn Mulligan own and run the property “Retreat”, which is part of the Mulligan Farms agricultural businesses. “Retreat” is a large crop growing business. It is a big irrigation property that is remote and isolated from skilled labour markets, being over 80km south-west of Moree (in north-west NSW).

From their fleet of John Deere machines to the irrigation channel gate pump, the Mulligans have a genuine need for a diesel mechanic.

Enter hard working Daniel Sloan from northern Ireland. He started working at “Retreat” on a working holiday visa. It was an employer/employee perfect match and both parties were keen to make the arrangement permanent. The Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme provided a win-win.

Dan left behind an Irish economy that was depressed and offered few promising employment prospects. In North-West NSW he found employment, a lifestyle and a fiancee he loves.

Dan is justifiably proud of the contribution he has made to an agricultural business and the local area, as a skilled migrant.