Jayesh John’s move to Barraba – Case Study

Jayesh John is a Registered Nurse from India. He came to the Northern Inland NSW thanks to the Skilled Regional State Nominated visa (sub-class 489). This was supported and facilitated by Regional Development Australia Northern Inland.

Jayesh found a quiet lifestyle and a rewarding workplace in the small town of Barraba.

The Barraba Multipurpose Service comprises various health services, from the hospital to an aged care facility.Due to the small size and relative remoteness of Barraba, experienced registered nurses have been difficult to attract to the Barraba MPS.

Manager, Cathy Stein suggests that the closure of banks in the town has contributed to the lack of employment opportunities for partners of skilled workers and thus, worsened the skills shortage.

Cathy said that Jayesh commenced his nursing in Barraba in a time of great need and has become a very well liked member of the local health service staff.

Skilled migration has delivered positive outcomes for all involved in the case of the Barraba MPS and Jayesh John.