Mohammad Emon and the Armdale City Bowling Club

Regional Development Australian Northern Inland Skilled Migration case study: The Armidale City Bowling Club

Unable to find suitably skilled, experienced and qualified chefs in the local area over recent years, The Armidale City Bowling Club has benefited from skilled migration. Joining the local Australian kitchen staff are skilled migrants from India, Bangladesh and the Philippines.

Skilled migrants such as Sous Chef Mohammad Emon from Bangladesh, who worked in Sydney for five years before taking the job at the Armidale City Bowling Club, have been pleasantly surprised by the quality of life they have found in a regional location.

The Club’s CEO Patrick Crick describes how skilled migration has enabled the busy kitchen to meet its labour needs and continue to grow the bistro and catering aspects of the business. He also reflects on the positive impacts of multiculturalism in the kitchen.