Moving from Melbourne to Tamworth

Woodleys Motors is the largest vehicle dealer in the Northern Inland region of the State of New South Wales, Australia, with 80 staff and 13 separate (brand) franchises. Despite its regional prominence, Woodleys Motors has difficulty finding qualified and experienced mechanics for its service department, according to General Manager Brad Wilson.

Regional Development Australia Northern Inland brings skilled workers from overseas to the region with the Skilled Regional State Nominated visa (sub-class 489). Facilitating this visa program is good for the region, as seen in the case of Woodleys Motors, where four skilled migrant mechanics are employed.

Jaspreet Singh studied and worked as a professional mechanic in Melbourne. When his visa was granted he left his job in the city, packed up his belongings and made the big move to Tamworth. Jaspreet is pleased he made the “tree-change”.

Contrary to misconceptions in the city about regional job opportunities, his job hunt upon arrival the Northern Inland NSW only last a couple of days and he much prefers the lifestyle he found in the regional city of Tamworth.

For information on the Skilled Regional State Nominated 489 visa, please visit the RDA Northern Inland website:…